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Online course “Steward»

Онлайн обучение и собеседование в круизную компанию.

The best choice if you have 2-3 hours of free time to study per week

Who are we?

OMEGASHIP learning platform

For many years we have been training stewards and other specialists to work on cruise ships. After training, each student is assigned an interview with the employer, where you will answer questions and demonstrate your knowledge of the English language. If the employer is not satisfied with something, you will be able to undergo a follow-up interview, the number of which is unlimited. If you have a desire to study and work, you will definitely succeed

Where did we start?

First stages

We started our work back in 2001, when traveling around the world was not so popular and cruise ships seemed unimaginable. Even then, companies needed qualified employees, and we provided them with them. A lot of time has passed since then, but our sphere is only expanding

Why us?

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Answers on questions

All graduates are given the opportunity to find employment immediately after training. If you wish, you can postpone employment for a period convenient for you. We also practice re-employment of our graduates (for example, if you, after working for some time in the navy, took a break for family reasons in your maritime career).

По первому контракту не каждый работодатель оплачивает перелет в порт, где находится корабль, но обратный билет после контракта обязательно оплачивается в полном объеме. Оплату перелета для подготовки документов и прохождения медицинской комиссии работодатель не производит.

Yes, we have graduates from the CIS countries who got jobs. It's not a problem. Fill out the form, indicate the best preparation time for you and start training..

Yes, there are additional costs, it's no secret.
Applying for a foreign passport, obtaining a visa to the employer’s country, undergoing medical examination. commissions, etc.

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Average salary per month


Месяцев срок контракта на работу


Года нашей компании

Documents and employment

The documents received after graduating from the maritime college allow our students to get a job in shipping companies. Our maritime college distributes graduates to vacancies received from employers. Each graduate can count on a minimum of three job offers within six months after completing the course.
All graduates are sent to vacant positions at crewing agencies and resident shipping companies. Further employment of our graduates in foreign shipping companies is carried out by our partners — licensed agencies for the employment of maritime specialists. We have a sufficient number of applications to fill out vacancies to offer employment to all graduates. All our graduates, starting from the very first graduation in 2001, can always turn to us for help in finding employment. We don’t refuse anyone.

There are still questions?

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